This series is a product of street harassment and my attempt to have a healthy confrontation with it. 

Do you have a problem about something? Are you angry? If it’s giving you anxiety then you need to make something of it, right? And I don’t mean act on the anger but create from it. For a long time, I was an angry victim of everyday sexism. It ate me up from the inside out until one day I imploded. Luckily, like anything else in this periodic universe, the implosion was only temporary. The new danger was returning to the cycle of anxiety, the one that spins like a free falling wheel poisoning my mind with hateful and angry thoughts. This was not the empowerment that I was looking for. I wanted long lasting satisfaction instead of heated and unstable satiation. 

And so I redirected my pent up apprehension into dabs of paint and scribbles on paper. I feel way better now.