Patricia   reference photo by: Fresca Linda

nothing without joy - 2018

Here’s a series of portraits exhibited at Hi-Lo Press in Atlanta, GA, March 2018.

The words Nothing Without Joy came to me through a friend on a day that I needed it. It also came as a quote from the early education teachings of Loris Malaguzzi. The idea that learning should always be accompanied by joy. It kept coming back to me as a mantra and a tool. A reminder to reflect on blessings. Intent as a daily practice.

I’ve met many of the folks in this series of portraits through recent years of latinx empowerment. We share a need to resist oppression, and a need to thrive within our own culture. Our identities are a fluid and wide encompassing spectrum. We are tangled somewhere between the past and the future.

It’s 2018 and sometimes I’m certain the world is declining. Months go on and on, weeks feel longer, and everyday I’m witnessing more and more struggle. Life holds compartmentalized facets of my existence, everything is separated between sharp swings of either calm or calamity. The world is shifting towards a scary place and it’s the everyday joys that keep us sane and healthy.

Nothing without joy.